Have You Ever Felt Frustrated While Washing Your Toddler’s Hands?


This is one of the things that happens daily that doesn’t quite frustrate me but it is definitely an inconvenience! Imagine this, you’re rushing to get his hands cleaned, but he just keeps reaching for the tap and turning it on and off, and you have a million things waiting for you plus 2 hungry boys waiting for their meal! It gets me every time. Sometimes I find it funny, other times not so much :p

Does it happen to you? Does your toddler also like to reach for the tap and enjoy turning the water on and off? It happens to all 3 of my kids, and right now the little one is doing it =) he’s 22 months old.

Sidney The Little Blue Elephant [Read-aloud Storytime]

Do you have a child who is learning how to ride a bicycle now? He or she might love this book as it shows that anyone can ride a bicycle as long as you’ve got friends!

Get the book “Sidney the Little Blue Elephant” here.

The Gruffalo Read-Aloud By Lili

Hey mommies and daddies out there, here’s me reading aloud The Gruffalo! Show it to your kids to see if they will love the story. Then you can decide whether or not to grab a copy of the book!


Get “The Gruffalo” book here.

Monster Cups!

What you would need:

Paper cups / foam cups

Coloured paper

Pipe cleaners

Sticky tape 



We decided to make our mini garden a little bit cuter by putting these guys thereūüôā


Bookie Bookies: You’re A Crab – A Moody Day Book



This book walks your child through the different feelings that they often encounter. At the end of the day, there’s something that they can do to feel better and they know that someone is by their side no matter what.

What my children like about the book:

They love seeing the different ocean animals. They love that in the end the crab felt better. Who doesn’t love happy endings?

What mommy likes about the book:

There’s a special message in this book that I like. The book tells the readers (children) that it is okay to need time off to get their feelings back to normal and that we can wait for them to feel better.

Get the book here.




Age Range:     3 years old and above

My Rating:     4 stars

Details of the Book:

Author & Illustrator:     Jenny Whitehead
ISBN-10: 0805093613
ISBN-13: 978-0805093612